I love crewing at Date With Destiny.

The crew family has so much love in their heart, it feels like together we could blind the sun.

I can’t fully describe in words how meaningful this experience is.

All I can say is that I’m humbled by the crew family’s love, their generosity, their selfless leadership.¬†There is an overflow of grace, courage and goodwill in this group that allows us to uplift each other while supporting the participants to transform their lives.

Participants come up to me so many times to tell me how much they loved the energy.

Sage and I often have a small moment of interaction every day, be it a hug, a tap on the shoulder or a compliment, which tells me she really feels the light in the room. The crew leads by example and show the participants how to BE in the room

The crew expands my heart. Their stories light up my soul. Their journey inspires my own.

I sometimes find myself counting the days until we see each other again.

The depth and strength of the collective crew spirit always brings a smile to my face, tears to my eyes and joy in my heart. It’s a bit like coming home ?

To my crew family, it’s an honour. I carry you all in my heart. I love you. Thank you.

Below I write more about some of the principles that make a high-performing team.

Read this for thoughts on: High-Performing Teams, Contribution, Servant Leadership

Main Insight: High-performing team are built on trust, openness, clear communication, accountability and high standards. You get what you give. Serve unconditionally. Love people. Every experience is a teacher.

Date: May 2018-2019

Leadership is Connection

Crewing reminds me that leadership is about connecting with others. Knowing them, loving them and playing a role to bring out their greatness and make their life more fulfilling.

True Accountability is Self-Accountability

Instead of the leader pushing the team to achieve their set standards, everyone is empowered and supported to own their role. They drive themselves and each other through self-accountability.

Trust is the Fuel

2500 people transform their lives over six days. Each day goes for 18+ hours. It is crucial to trust each other and be vulnerable. To uplift, support, love and inspire each other to be our best.

Commitment Follows Your Why

The crew is absolutely clear on their cause. They know why they are here: their role and purpose. When things get challenging, their why serves as a bedrock to inspire them to commit to the mission.

Do you see how powerful the bond is in this team?

Along with my work, crewing teaches me so much about the principles and actions of a world-class high-performing team.

Trust, openness, creating the energy to persist beyond what seems possible, working under extreme pressure, the glue that keeps a team together is the relationship they have with each other, themselves and the big WHY they serve.

One of my favourite things to do is create this environment in organisations.

If you’re curious about how to create high-performing, highly energetic and cohesive teams, I’d love to have a conversation with you through a Deep Mentoring Call.

Our incredible crew director told me that most people work in less than five high-performing teams in their life.
The way I see it, every team should experience the joy and privilege of this standard.

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