‘Your meditation is awesome. I’m really serious. This is coming from someone who has listened to a year’s worth of online meditations and is frustrated with 98% of them. Your voice is so soothing. Your energy is so nice. The way you’ve put yours together is very thoughtful, very sweet and can really help people right now’ – Taraka L.


A Meditation to Connect You with Your Inner Voice.

You’ll become aware of your own emotions, and receive inner guidance to make the next important decision in any area of your life.

The heart has its own intelligence. It offers guidance based on different considerations than your mind, like your feelings, intuition and inner wisdom. It can be hard to hear that when our mind gets loud: when we overthink, internalise, catastrophise and get in our heads.

This meditation will help you: Receive inner guidance beyond fear and doubt; Connect with your value as a human being; Create openness that will help you generate more opportunities and abundance – and make a decision that will help you lead in your business, health and life

Some of my students listen to this to create calm before sleeping.
Some use it in the morning to have an open-hearted day ahead.
Some listen to it when they are stressed and overthinking.

This meditation is (truly) close to my heart.

Move From Your Head To Your Heart.

Wrestling with decisions and wondering how to make the ‘right’ choice? Pause the head noise. Tune into your heart through my short guided meditation to find the next step.

The answer is in you. Clear as day. Are you ready to hear it?

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