Mentors can bring out the best in us: our courage, our love, our leadership, our beauty and our authenticity.

My mentors changed my life.

When I think back to my darkest days, most confusing days, my saddest days – what helped me are teachers, mentors and artists.

People who’ve walked the path. Navigated my questions. They reconnected me with my inner strength and truth.

Life is full on. Left to our own devices, we can limit what’s possible for ourselves. What we can do, have, be and create. 

Since ancient Egyptian teachers to modern practitioners of coaching and healing, mentorship is among the birthplaces of self-inquiry, leadership, transformation and becoming.

So here’s the thing. I still see a damaging bias in the transformational industry for only using positive-thinking, success psychology, motivation, strategy as main tools of transformation.

Positive thinking alone can reduce our emotional intelligence.

Positive thinking can harm our ability to be resilient: to feel and learn from all our emotions, to be present and let all of life in.

I see a generation of coaches who are band-aid fixing ‘negative’ emotions with positive thinking.

‘Good vibes only’ asks you to quickly forget or ‘get over’ your emotions to ‘just push through’.

I see a common resistance to feeling and learning from emotions as a tool for transformation.

What causes us pain, anger or frustration can hold enormous insights about who we are and what we value.

It leads to clarity about what you want – and how to create it.

My work is based on the idea that Life is in the light and the shadow.

Life is in the spectrum in between.  Mentoring benefits from being more real. More fun. Deeper. Layered and integrative.

To mirror what life is about.

Life, nature, is everything.
At its best, coaching prepares us for everything.

Life is not just positive. Nature is not just about success.

Life is in the ups, the downs, the laughter, the joy, the beauty, the grief, the mind, the heart, the soul, the body, all of it.

Coaching can benefit from more courage, more tears, more creativity. Sensuality. Realness. Laughter.

It benefits from integrating different modalities.
Being interdisciplinary and borrowing from different fields.

To be as elemental as it is strategic, as intuitive as it is visionary.

Around here, mentoring is about you living from the inside out.

My background and experience trained me to read people, body language, stories, subtext and possibilities of meaning.

Needless to say, I bring all of me to serve you.

I bring everything I study.
Every mistake I’ve made.
Every experience I’ve had.

Why? It’s important for mentorship to be grounded in love and trust: for you and I ‘go there’ to meet who you truly are.

My life experiences allows me to see, love and sit with you in the depths of your fears and grief.

I welcome your complexity, creating a space where all your emotions serve as teachers for you to live from the inside out. 

The complex challenges of Now mean that our ability to

Lead, love and Live from the inside out –
play big roles in how aligned and fulfilled we feel.

In every area. Work, health, relationships, wealth and happiness.

Whether you want to lead yourself, or lead on the global scale —

This inside-out relationship where inner knowing becomes outer action creates vanguard leaders, carers and change-makers.

Whether working with executives, CEOs, lawyers, thousands of students, PhD researchers,  sexual assault survivors, tiered stakeholders or supporting significant organisational change,

I live, breathe and love this inside-out dance.

I also work with the best mentors I know. In every book and experience, I look for an input into what I teach. I study it. I surround myself with it.

This is what I strive to teach and live. 

There's a deeper truth here...

My life experiences are really my greatest resource for helping you.

And well, I have a few. From a challenging childhood, to religious, cultural, family trauma, the immigrant experience, multiple stress-induced chronic illnesses that I’ve recovered from, growing a business on my terms, loss of friendships, relationships,

Death, depression, dark nights of the soul —

I’ve gone through my share of life. I still go through my share of life.

The way my pain keeps breaking me open, the work I’ve done to be with the pain and create something meaningful from it is essentially what I teach. It’s also why I teach.

The pain I experienced from not being my true self allows me to – guide others to meet, choose, grow and live their truth.

Sometimes when they don’t see it themselves.

Love and service drive my clients.

They know that their choices matter.
They want to live authentically.

To be leaders that are seen and known for who they are —
To share their gifts, create abundance and impact the lives of others.

They want to enjoy life. Love deeply. Feel fully human.
Experience all of life’s seasons with openness and courage.

Express the truth and purpose in them.
Create a legacy of love, contribution and deep fulfilment.

If this sounds like you, let’s connect. I’d love to hear from you.

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