I'm here to guide you back to yourself, so that you live, love and lead a deeply authentic life.

My work and life are love letters to the privilege of being human.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking of you during these times. As a lover and student of human behaviour, I keep asking these questions.

Who are you? Who will you be?

We are more connected and isolated than ever. Healthy and unhealthy as ever. Informed and lost as ever. There’s a crisis of leadership, as well as everyday heroism across the whole world.

Who are you? Who will you be?

I love creating a space where you and I go deep to explore these questions. A space where you feel seen, heard, understood and safe to be vulnerable, remove your inner masks and share your fears and dreams.

A film called Before Sunrise said, ‘If there’s any kind of magic in the world, it’s in the space between two people’. So you and I fill this space as such: with love, laughter, truth, tears and hope.

Pure possibility lives in this space.

My name is Ray. As a lawyer and mentor I’ve been serving leaders for the last 8 years — and this is where I come in.

Who Are You? Who Will You Be?

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Guiding Principles

To honour the nature of change in life and business, I blend a range of practices that are bespoke to the client and the moment. Integrated principles guide us along the way.

Law: Critical Thinking, Strategic Advice, Change Management

Emotional Intelligence (EI): Research-based EI, Leadership

Arts & Humanities: Self-Inquiry, Communication, Authenticity

Lived Personal Experience: Resilience and Empathy

Deep Inner Work: Mindfulness, Emotional Processing, NLP

Applied Spirituality: Bodywork, Archetypal Inquiry, Mysticism

About Me


I’m a lawyer and advisor, serving leaders in government, legal, education and corporate sectors for 8 years — from Attorney Generals’ to Legal Aid, ANU and Ernst & Young. I’m also a transformational mentor for clients who want to go deep, show up authentically and create impact and fulfilment.

Across 25 countries and 30 industries, I’m privileged to work with entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, coaches, spiritual healers, political advisors, artists, educators and military personnel.

I studied Law and Arts at ANU, graduating with 1st class Honours. Being a lawyer taught me to cut through heavy data to zero in on strategies and outcomes that my clients want. Literature taught me about Empathy.

Both taught me to love the inner workings of people, keeping me open-hearted towards many ideas in culture, philosophy, comparative spirituality, NLP, mysticism and human stories.

That’s a long way of saying that I like lots of stuff from different fields. 

So while I’m a certified emotional intelligence (EI) practitioner, I tailor my approach to the client. I integrate EI with NLP, self-inquiry, strategy, bodywork, mindfulness and communication training, so that my clients navigate all change with Love. Contribution. Truth. Courage. Purpose. 

I love teaching deep inner work, emotional intelligence, integrated leadership, the masculine-feminine dance and authentic conflict.

I love humanity, in all its glory and grief. I also love travel, conversation, nature, dancing, people-watching, novels, film and dark chocolate.

Living, I call it. 

I delve deeper into my why here but at its core, I’m about the people who know that life is a short, wondrous gift to be Lived. Teams and leaders who Love deeply, serve with purpose and dance with all of life’s changes.

I want to experience a world where more of us live that way –
and do my small part to help create it.