Who Are You Really?

Let’s choose your Truth. Live your Nature. Create your dreams.  Let’s take a breath, cut the fluff and get to work. Let’s ask: Why are you really here? What is in the way of you living that truth? What other Truths, feelings, illusions and grief live below the surface? Let’s meet them, so that you can be you. Happy, free, successful are just individual states. Let’s be all of you.

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Guiding Principles

To honour the very nature of Change in life and business, I apply a range of processes that are bespoke to the client and the moment. Integrated principles guide us along the way.

Law: Critical Thinking, Clarity of Outcome, Change Management

Emotional Intelligence: Research based EI assessment

Applied Spirituality: Bodywork, Archetypal Inquiry, Mysticism

Lived Personal Experience: Resilience and Empathy

Deep Inner Work: Mindfulness, Emotional Processing, NLP

Arts & Humanities: Self-Inquiry, Communication, Authenticity


If you’re ready to show up fully, here are some ways I can support you.

Deep Inner Work

Come home to yourself. Honour your authenticity. Feel your feelings and create sustainable shifts in yourself and others by doing the work. Shift deep blocks that hold you back. Integrate your head and heart to create alignment in business and life. Heal your grief. Make fear an ally. Awaken. And if you’re called, help others do the same.
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Chronic Health and Stress

If you’re unwell or fatigued from carrying unprocessed stress and emotions in your body, then we bring curiosity, myth and storytelling to the mind-body connection. Through deep self inquiry, bodywork, archetypal and intergenerational reflection — we remember. We grieve. We release the old to create vitality for the new.
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Masculine~Feminine Dance

Integrate masculine~ feminine archetypes to create fulfilling relationships. Have deep clarity about yourself and universal behavioural patterns. Leverage subtext in business and personal interactions. Ready to know the Queen, Warrior, Victim, King, Goddess, Martyr, Sage (and more)? Learn and live the archetypal dance.
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Confidante and Advisor

Life is full on and sometimes we want honesty and support from a trusted one. I get the call when clients feel big loss and change. After loved ones pass, before big meetings, health scares and key decisions. Get clear and mindful. Receive love and a strong reminder of who you are and what matters. I bring all of me to support you.
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Sell From Your Heart

Are you giving away your gift for free because you feel icky about sales? I built an invitation only business in 2 years with zero marketing, because around here sales = absolute love + service. Move through your deep, old money stories and connect with your why. I also teach you exactly what to say to sell with heart and integrity.
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Authentic Relationships

The ultimate factor that affects our quality of life and health. Here we study and live the many faces of love. Truth-telling. Friendship. Love languages. Boundaries. Conflict. Patience. Giving. Receiving. Passion. Acceptance. We learn to create a space where you and your loved ones can be, and become. Love and be loved.
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If you’re ready to show up fully, here are some ways I can support you.

Business and Leadership

How do you make decisions as a leader? How well does your team perform? Trust, rapport, boundaries, culture, communication, mindset, self-care, empathetic conflict, archetypal leadership, merging income with impact – we bring it all to the table so you and your team can make a meaningful difference.
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Emotional Intelligence

Embody the hallmarks of great leadership. Navigate your emotions at work with more compassion and courage. Become more self-aware, self-directed, empathetic and resilient. Reduce stress mindfully. Communicate to lead yourself and others. Make conflict enriching. Make informed decisions. Create change for the better.
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Career and Purpose

What will you create? How will you serve? Are you multipassionate? Want to integrate your passions or find your purpose? Gosh have I been there. I save you five years of agony through our solid creative process. We delve deep into your why, your strengths and thresholds so you can explore everything and live your purpose.
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I see you. I hear you. I love you. You got this. I got you.

All of you is welcome here. I’m here to serve the authentic, loving, remarkable you. To tell you the truth I see, especially when it’s uncomfortable. To guide you to dance with your fears. Unveil your false stories. Feel your feelings. Be playful with your limiting beliefs and create a life and business that makes you feel deeply alive.

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