Be with your Truth as it Changes: Musings on Bypassing and Leadership during Crises

Read this for thoughts on: Authenticity, Courage, Resilience

Key Insight: Your Truth can change throughout the day. It’s human to feel energised, grieving, uncertain, resilient, tired, hopeful, joyful. Reality changes. When we are present to reality, we can fully experience the moments we are in.

Hey loves, just a reminder to be real now.

To learn from the colours and shapes and textures of the wisdom in each emotion.

Courage is not fake certainty.
Resilience is not denial.

Bypassing has its costs.

Slow down.

Come as you are

At our most empathetic, we can love others through the many emotions in their own life.

In the last few days, I’ve felt inspired, sad, numb, relaxed, okay, uplifted, strong, joyous, exhausted, sleepless, grieving, grateful, introspective, humbled and deeply hopeful.

In my last big post, I talked about the Grace of Chaos. Not the Benefits of Inconvenience.

The Truth is changing for me, my loves, and like Rilke says, I am living the questions.

I went from an introspective response filled with divine inquiry –

to finding solace in art/laughter, to finding meaning in serving others, to taking time off social media to take care of myself,

to have more energy to serve and love others, to now reflect further on what I feel today.

I am going inside of them as much as I can, so that what I share with you is based on the evolving Truth of what I am experiencing as a human being during this time.

My clients have felt a painting of emotions too


Of course there’s a dance between accepting what is and opening to what could be


It’s just important to make this process real and sustainable,
so that the actions you take stem from you.

That your choices are You

That you’re connected with yourself,
your values and
your own spiritual journey through this whole process. 

Not a mask. Not false positivity or some weird fucking contrived expectation about what you should be.
To me Courage means something along those lines. You know?

Also, to hell with what I say.

Please don’t take my word for it. I’m writing this as a fellow human. Anybody who tells you they know stuff during this humbling time for our entire species, makes you wonder


In the mean time, I love you. I’m here for you


Guiding others through uncertainty and emotionally significant times is what I do.
If you want to delve deeper about where you’re at, what you need and how I can help, please reach out. I am straight up here.
I want for you to be true. That is all. Oh, and stay home. Oh, and be kind to yourselves and each other

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