What happens when kindred women uplift each other?

Event: Unleash Your Freedom

Host: Kat Millar

Key Insight: Keep showing up, as you are. Surrender to new experiences. Say yes. You will always learn what you need to in order to grow. 

Unleash Your Freedom is a moving example of what happens when kindred women share their love to build each other up. I’m so grateful to be one of the panelists! Here’s why I love this event:

The Power of Community

Like-minded groups of people bring your attention to what matters to you: your values, your gifts and how you want to show up.

The Power of New Experiences

When you keep showing up for yourself and others, an invisible hand guides you .Maybe it’s one insight, reminding you to start now. Maybe it’s the person you sit next to, reminding you to let go. Hold on. Dream big.

The Power of Open-Heartedness

Events like this remind us to do the work. Serve. Love. Be loved. See and be seen. The world desperately needs your truth.

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