You Know, Right Now We Are Inside A Memory.

Read this for thoughts on: Mindfulness, Conscious Life Design, Being Present 

Key Insight: Inside every moment, you are creating, walking, wearing a memory of the future. You are an artist, painting as you live. Paint your memories how you want to remember them. 

As I was walking down the stunning streets of Dubrovnik, Albert casually turned to me, smiled and said this.

“You know right now we are inside a memory?”

Those words stopped in my tracks.

It dawned on me that not too far in the future, I was going to remember this day.

This exact moment.

My walk. His words. This street. The trees on the sidewalk.

The two girls in lavender, walking ahead of me ?

A little while later, the twilight sky.The hilltop houses and boats on deck whose light melded and looked like millions of fireflies ?

Inside these moments of the present, I am creating, walking, wearing a memory of the future. I am painting as I live.

Holy crap. Knowing that this moment was going to be a memory gave me a crystal clear intention about how I wanted to paint it. 

All of a sudden, I felt like an artist ?

Really? I thought.

I can say and do and feel what I want to remember?

Well. What DO I want to remember? ?

And so I created just that.

Of course we are human. We are also forever dancing with others and life, so this isn’t about the dull perfection of creating every moment.

That would betray the very nature of life.

Yet. If I told you that you’re an artist and you are free to create more moments that are yours to keep as memories….

How would you start painting them?


What would be the colour of your thoughts, your words?

Would you join a few more unfinished lines? Smudge a few shadows?
Make space for more light? 

Would you be more conscious and selective of a little word here, a phrase there, a smile, a hug, some tears and laughter to top it off, a feeling (or many) in the background? 

What brushstrokes would you use in a given moment to convey its truth?

I say this to myself as much as I say it you.

Right this very moment, and in every moment,
You are inside a future memory my love ?

You get to paint the words, the feelings, the actions.

The said. The unsaid. The done. Undone. Loved. Feared. Chosen.

All of these are hues in your paintbox.

Paint (more of) your moments as memories that you want to remember

Onwards. Forwards. Into new moments of Beauty ???

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