Fear feels like an absence of faith.

After finishing Date with Destiny, I was really grateful to see the Universe/God’s Hand with such clarity.

Another word for it is Grace, the inexplicable force that made sure I met exactly who I needed to meet.

I served those who needed me.

I found the answers that I was looking for in each story, stranger and smile.

The biggest lesson I took away was that fear and doubt are really an absence of faith.

Faith in yourself. Faith in life.

Whenever we fear that we are not enough, it is just NOT true.

Look at what our heart does, beating 100,000 times a day. Look at our brain, one of the greatest gifts and mysteries known to us.

Look at how our body heals when we are wounded.

Look at what we are made of – the same atoms that made this universe. We are made of blood and waves and stardust and love!!!

We have been given these incredible gifts to experience life fully and give back something great, something true!!

There is such a small possibility of us existing and being here in the first place, it just fills me with awe.

How can we have the audacity to say that we are not enough, that we are not loved??

We have been held and loved and expanded by the Universe, by our families, our friends, our struggles.

All of it has been Grace.

Now it’s time to cut the crap, grow, love and give back!!!!!

Every time you feel fear or doubt, feel it and then act from a place of love and faith.

Go back to your centre. Return to who you are.

Time to live this wonderful magical mysterious sometimes painful always joyous beautiful life!!!! 

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