Seeing the Grace in Chaos: A Global Pandemic in 2020

Read this for thoughts on: Resilience, Meaning, Crisis Management 

Key Questions: What are we being invited to do right now?
What are we being asked to connect with?

My clients, friends, family and I have been speaking a lot about the meaning of covid 19. It’s a big invitation for us to assess the meaning we give to moments of change and uncertainty.

Among my conversations, it came up that a few months ago the Amazon forests were burning, aka — the Earth’s lungs were burning.

What followed were the harrowing bushfires, further hurting the lungs of the Earth. Right now, the virus’ most discerning characteristic is that it’s a respiratory disease that damages our lungs.

From physics to spirituality, they tell me that all is connected: that we’re all buzzing and living and dying from the same atoms as everything else.

It’s very possible that Mother Earth has ‘grounded us’ lol into isolation while she heals. This is a break from the excess that underscores our economy, our politics and our lifestyle.

All Is One.

But when the Earth hurts, we hurt.
When we hurt the Earth, we hurt ourselves.

Call it a metaphor, if you will.

I’ve seen news report of workers seeing blue skies in certain parts of China for the first time in ages, on account of the factories being closed.

Animals are returning to Venetian canals after Italy’s lockdown. Coal consumption is falling because of travel restrictions.

If we experience Oneness in our day to day life,
that may offer a symbolic lens into what’s happening and why.

Do you ever have moments in your life where fifty things go wrong for you to sit up and finally change something?

When the chaos tells you something profound about the death of old chapters and the beginning of new ones?

I feel like that 2020 is doing that to all of us as a species.

The nature of this virus is telling us to slow down, spend time in our own company and take care of each other.


Whether it’s introspection or spiritual reflection for you, this virus has halted the patterns and distractions that we may use to avoid our deeper selves.

I feel like we’re being invited to look within.
To See the grace in this chaos.

Something about me – the worse the crisis, the calmer I tend to get lol.

I feel a clear silence inside.

I don’t know if that’s resilience or dissociative numbness.
Probably both.

But right now, I feel like I’m here.
I am alert. I don’t feel fear. I’m present.

It has made me more grateful for high fives and hugs and toilet paper and international travel and the range of extraordinary things that I sometimes forget to appreciate 

I’m aware that I’m speaking from a position of privilege and what I’m feeling is subject to change.

Right now – – – I’m staying home to stay healthy and keep others safe.
I’m thinking of the departed, the unwell and their loved ones.

What can we do now?

Now is the time to share our stories.
To feel. To ask questions, offer love and insights.

I’m erring on the side of caution.I’m doubling down on self-care and I am thinking of you all::::

It’s important for us to talk to kindred spirits and communities where we can love and be loved.

Now is the time use this time to connect deeply.

To grieve. To wonder. To feel. To bear witness to each other.
To ask who we want to be for ourselves.
For each other. For this world.

What insights are helping you that could help others? 

In the mean time, take care of yourselves my loves. Stay close to your centre. Be kind to others. Do your part and make the most of this time.

I love you. Thank you xoxo


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