Looking back, 2017 was a full year for me. I:

❤️ Hiked up a (very active) volcano in Vanuatu #yolo

❤️ Swam in the Pacific Ocean in Fiji

❤️ Guided leaders to reconnect with their emotions to transform their relationships, businesses and life

❤️ Worked with incredible clients from all over the world, all on the warrior’s path from New York, to London, LA, Auckland and Australia

❤️ Spoke about emotional intelligence and how to ‘unleash the heart’ as a speaker for Unleash your Freedom

❤️ Whisked my mum to Vanuatu to celebrate her birthday

❤️ Attended Date with Destiny

❤️ Served on Tony Robbins’ fire lane at Unleash the Power Within (UPW), working right next to him to guide hundreds of guests to walk across fire

❤️ Danced on stage at UPW to energise 5000 people!!!

❤️ Met kindred spirits all year round

❤️ Served over a thousand students through my legal advice and outreach

❤️ Ate a lot of chocolate cake #noregrets

Just to Keep it Real, in 2017 I also:

? Moved through a tremendous amount of personal, family and work conflict. From my nan’s stroke to my uncle’s sudden death, this year presented a stream of personal tragedies. I could go on but you get the point #TLDR

? Handled ongoing issues with a stalker (with lots of help)

? Felt lost, angry, deeply existential, exhausted; abused by life, people and God

? Lost friends that I believed were close

? Burst my bubble about the masks of the coaching / personal development industry which at first broke my heart

? Got sicker than I have in the last 7 years

? Went through a profound spiritual crisis about integrity, personal values and what it means to be me

?Through it all, all I asked myself/Universe/God was to give me the courage to really let it all in.

What always brought me home is the feeling that my pain is just as sacred as my joy; that there is beauty and grace in everything that we experience in life. This led me to have a deeper love of life that’s far greater than the pain of any given moment.


It also completely changed the way I approached conflict, my emotions, my relationships and goals.

This process requires deep connection with ourselves, a sense of humour and a dash of courage. This is really about living from our hearts, which is both the work and privilege of a lifetime ?

? I’m a work in progress that’s happy to enter 2018 with a renewed belief that we feel fulfilled when we allow ourselves to feel all of life: when we sit with the moment long enough to absorb its truth and act on it, especially those moments when the truth seems out of reach.

Honestly, 2017 has been equal parts heaven and hell and I already feel it was just the beginning. Next year is going to be a year of reckoning and growth.

?⁉️ Reflecting on my journey made me curious about you guys… what are your highlights/lowlights 😉 of 2017, and what insights are you taking away with you? I’d Love for you to message me or write below. We all learn from each other and it’d mean the world if you shared with me how your year went!

In the mean time, happy holidays my loves. Relax, enjoy yourself, really appreciate all that you have and are  xx

As for you, 2018? I’m ready ?

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